Abortion is a substitute for prayer

Roe No More

Roe No More! Dear Fellowship, Thanks be to God. Roe is no more. For those of us who have prayed for this day, through 30, 40, and in a few cases, 50 years of hard work and enormous investment, it’s a knee-buckling moment of praise. Eliminating Roe does not end...
Abortion is a substitute for prayer

A Movement of God in Colombia?

Are we witnessing a true movement of God in Colombia? Dear Fellowship, Last week, we overcame all Covid barriers and trained about 225 pastors in Colombia’s 3 largest cities— Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. As always, our focus is on the gospel of life. That’s short-hand...
Abortion is a substitute for prayer

Things pop in Colombia!

Things pop in Colombia! Dear Fellowship, Just like a boat cannot be guided until it first begins to move, so it seems that God guides us only when we get moving in good faith. In this spirit, we are in Colombia today, where we came with a few general plans, but...