Core Commitments

Core Commitments

From China to Namibia, from Romania to Cuba, we contextualize the call to rescue to language, culture, history and opportunity. But in every place, we bring three core commitments.

The Word of God

We are primarily teachers of the Word. We carry an earnest commitment to teaching it accurately, contextually and with passion. We trust that in so doing, God brings to the hearer conviction, repentance, resolve, joy, true knowledge and good works.

The People of God

Despite her weaknesses, the Church continues as God’s chosen instrument of personal transformation and social reformation. It was the Church spreading the Gospel through ministries of mercy that led to social reformation in the past— Sati (widow burning) in India, twin-killing in Africa, and foot-binding in China. Our approach to ending child-killing is to help the Church reject abortion wholeheartedly and faithfully rescue mothers and babies from abortion through the development of pregnancy crisis intervention services.

The Gospel of God

We’ve discovered that prolife work is most effective when viewed through the lens of the Gospel. For example, it is helpful to see that women and couples in a pregnancy-related crisis are in a crisis of faith. Abortionists appear as saviors ready to deliver them from their difficult circumstances. Rescuing her unborn involves helping her trust that God has a plan and a provision for both her and her baby. In addition, exposing abortion proves a true entry point for the forgiveness and freedom of the Gospel for those bearing the guilt and grief of past abortions. It is the gospel of God that cleanses the conscience that we might serve him freely going forward.

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