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PassionLife Tiny Baby©: The World’s Littlest Missionary

For the last 10 years, PassionLife has given out tens of thousands of fetal models every year as we train pastors and leaders in China, Vietnam, Romania, Cub, India and other places where abortion is especially concentrated. Over the past three years, we’ve worked to develop a new, science-based fetal model!

Even as we tested out model prototypes, everyone who saw Tiny Baby was awed by the meticulous detail depicted in its 9th week of human development. Without pause, people receiving PassionLife Tiny Baby© want to show it to a friend, a child, anyone standing nearby. These, in turn, want to hold it, marvel at its detail, and show it to still others.

PassionLife Tiny Baby© is the world’s littlest missionary. It travels, hand to hand, dispelling misinformation about the humanity of the unborn, highlighting the intricate beauty of human life and proclaiming the humanity we all share.

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Scientifically Accurate, Wonderous in Detail

PassionLife Tiny Baby© is a uniquely designed and patented fetal model verified to measure at 9 weeks, 3 days gestation. Final tests included inserting Tiny Baby into a sonographic gel and measuring using ultrasound.

Tiny Baby’s creation started with anatomical models created by 3D artists in consultation with medical professionals. Numerous design changes were made as Tiny Baby was evaluated by OB/GYN doctors and ultrasound technicians.

Improved Tool for Pregnancy Help Organizations

Traditionally, fetal models for mass distribution reflect 12-weeks gestation by size only. Tiny Baby represents a generational improvement in medical detail. It’s closer in size to the gestational age of mothers seeking the services of a PHO.

In the 9th week:

    • All major organs like the heart, brain, kidneys, liver and lungs are forming.
    • Nose, mouth, and eyes are taking shape and outer ears are forming.
    • Tooth buds are developing under the gums.
    • Fingers and toes lose their web look and get longer.
    • The 4 chamber heart is fully functioning.
    • Bones and muscles are forming in the arms and legs, knees and elbows are already bending.
    • Skin is translucent, neutral in color.
    • The baby is about 1-1.25 inches long.

Educate, counsel, and empower mothers to explain their choice for life by sending them home with PassionLife Tiny Baby©.

A Messenger of Our Humanity

David’s first response to understanding his humanity from the womb was worship! “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

Tiny Baby is designed to help you not just understand the truth of your humanity, but rejoice it in. From this understanding of God as Creator, comes the principle that human rights do not come from government (and cannot justly be taken away). They are endowed by your Creator, the moment you become human.

To that end, Tiny Baby is a winsome way for you to defend the principle of equal rights for all people, born and unborn, and will help you answer the call to “rescue those being taken away to death,” (Prov 24:11).

Send the World’s Littlest Missionary

Donors make it possible for PassionLife give out tens of thousands of fetal models every year, in some years, hundreds of thousands, as we train pastors and leaders in China, Vietnam, Romania, Cub, India and other places where abortion is especially concentrated.

Your gift of $100 will allow us to place PassionLife Tiny Baby© in the hands of 50 pastors, teachers, doctors, PHO counselors, and students around the world.

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