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Did you know? Only 3% of abortions worldwide occur in the US, yet 97% of prolife resources are directed to the US. Learn more at https://www.passionlife.org/

The question to ponder: As a prolife Christian, where am I most needed?
The answer to consider: Where abortion, infanticide and gendercide are most concentrated in the world. Learn more about prolife as world missions. https://www.passionlife.org/

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We call our community the PassionLife Fellowship. We see ourselves as banded together in a war against the powers of death, wielding only the Gospel of Life. We feel connected by the challenge of rescuing the most vulnerable where abortion is most concentrated. Some give, some go, most intercede, all freely share in the work as cross-bearers for child-bearers.

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  • Find PassionLife updates in your inbox on the challenges and breakthroughs in Vietnam, Cuba, Namibia and other hard places; and on occasion, specialized and confidential reports about work going on in countries under persecution.
  • Receive a welcome gift. PassionLife’s own Jeanne Pernia has a story to tell—a compelling read and exciting to share with others. Join our Fellowship and we will send you a copy of her book, Conquered by Grace: How God Redeemed Me and Changed My Abortion Business into a Pregnancy Help Clinic. It’s the story she shares around the world to prove that Christ can forgive and cleanse so that we may serve the living God.

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    Be a Catalyst for the Gospel of Life

    Do you have connections to missionaries or nationals serving in hard places? Do you think they might welcome a partnership with PassionLife to train pastors and leaders in prolife bioethics and crisis intervention ministries? That makes you a potential catalyst!

    Introduce them to PassionLife’s mission and invite them to connect directly with our Executive Director, Mark Nicholson (mnicholson@passionlife.org). Better yet, set up a live video introduction where you serve as a host and help us to start a meaningful relationship where we can ask foundation questions and explore partnering together.

    Who knows? You may be the spark, the catalyst, that brings the Gospel of Life to another needy part of the world.