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Many researchers estimate that India is second only to China in the number of annual abortions. Lack of official data prevents it from being ranked in the worldwide abortion statistics.

The Scale of the Crisis

India Abortion Estimate

Gendercide in India

Child Sex Ratio: 

An Indicator of Gendercide

A Lancet Global Health Study published in 2018 reports

15.6 million abortions

in India in 2015.

India now has 54,197,555 more males than females. In other words, over

50 million missing girls

mostly killed through sex-selective abortion and infanticide.1

In northwest areas of India

121 boys

born for every

100 girls

This figure is not based on actual data, but estimates, which are in our view highly impacted by political agendas. If true, this exceeds even China Daily’s report on the National Family Planning Commission estimate of 13 million annual abortions in China.

Nonetheless, India and China clearly account for most of the abortions and gendercide worldwide.

Gendercide is the genocide of a specific gender group—currently, the mass killing of girls.

It is especially concentrated in India. Modern ultrasound technology now makes sex-selective abortion easy.

The child sex ratio (CSR), which is the number of girls there are relative to the number of boys in a society, is one measurable indicator of gendercide. The natural CSR at birth has long been known by demographers to hover around 105 boys born for every 100 girls.

The 2020 CSR in India is 108. 176 boys per 100 girls, but in northwest areas, it is even worse.2 Put another way, for every 1000 baby boys born, only 924 girls are born.

Highest Global Abortion Rates*

The abortion rate is the number of women out of every 1000, age 15-39, that had an abortion in a single year.

Abortion Data Source

Worldwide, official abortion statistics are under-reported and incomplete. In some cases, like Guatemala, no data is available. In India, (by most estimates, second only to China in abortion numbers) official data is too incomplete to use.

Our data source is the Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) [Informe Mundial del Aborto (IMA)] (Jacobson and Johnston, 2018). They provide reported and estimated abortions by year for 110 countries and other areas through 2015. You can find updates to this data here.



The Work

PassionLife travels to northern India at least once a year to train pastors in the Gospel of Life and present models of pregnancy crisis intervention. PassionLife’s simplified, reproducible resources on biblical bioethics, prolife apologetics and crisis pregnancy intervention are translated and freely available in Hindi and Bengali.

A small percentage of Christians are now collaborating across the nation to help families choose life. One example is Save the Lives, an Indian non-profit partnering with PassionLife to train up church members in prolife values and introduce models of pregnancy crisis intervention to churches.

The Challenge

In 2018, The Guardian reported “More than 63 million women are ‘missing’ statistically across India.” The Washington Post added, “The number of newborn female babies compared with males has continued to plummet, even as the country grows more developed and prosperous.”

They further report that there are 6.2 million more baby boys, age 0-4, in India today than there are girls. Moreover, the lingering dark power of the caste system continues to challenge the idea of the equal value and dignity of all human life.

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