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Abortion is believed to be widespread, but lack of official data prevents it from being ranked in the worldwide abortion statistics.

The Scale of the Crisis

Caribbean/Latin America Estimated Abortion Rate


The abortion rate is the number of women out of every 1000, age 15-39, that had an abortion in a single year.

Mexico’s traditional values and strong Catholic influence have kept abortion rates comparatively low for Latin America. Globalist organizations want that to change and are exerting great pressure to broaden abortion access, particularly through chemical abortions. Still, the New York Times reports that a staggeringly high percentage of doctors and gynecologists have declared themselves conscientious objectors to performing abortions. Pray for traditional prolife and Biblical values to hold strong in a liberalizing culture.

Highest Global Abortion Rates*

The abortion rate is the number of women out of every 1000, age 15-39, that had an abortion in a single year.

Abortion Data Source

Worldwide, official abortion statistics are under-reported and incomplete. In some cases, like Guatemala, no data is available. In India, (by most estimates, second only to China in abortion numbers) official data is too incomplete to use.

Our data source is the Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) [Informe Mundial del Aborto (IMA)] (Jacobson and Johnston, 2018). They provide reported and estimated abortions by year for 110 countries and other areas through 2015. You can find updates to this data here.


The Work

Mexico doesn’t have the highest abortion rate in Latin America, but it does have an unparalleled leading influence in shaping culture and thought. For this reason, Mexico has moved up our list of priority countries for 2023 and beyond. Since 2021, we’ve been making multiple trips a year there and have built a strong network of pastoral and lay leaders to stage expanding work in Mexico’s churches.

Simplified, reproducible resources on biblical bioethics, prolife apologetics and crisis pregnancy intervention are translated and circulating freely in Spanish.

The Impact

PassionLife board member, Piro Ventura, opened the doors in Mexico by sharing her testimony and the work of PassionLife on the Spanish radio program of Revive our Hearts with Nancy Demoss Wolgemoth. People heard it, reached out and connected us to pastors and other leaders in Mexico. We are in Mexico several times a year now, working on rapidly reproducing strategies to spread Gospel of Life among pastors, and through them to churches and neighborhoods.

The Challenge

A decade ago, abortion was largely illegal in Mexico. Mexicans seeking abortion often slipped into the US. Since the fall of Roe, the roles have reversed. Black market chemical abortion pills are coming in the US from Mexico.   

Mexico decriminalized abortion in September of 2021. Other Spanish-speaking countries quickly followed suit. Mexico’s influence is strong across Latin America. The challenge now is to see God’s people, the Church in Mexico, stand for life and organize around pregnancy crisis intervention in ways that rapidly multiply and spread across Latin America.

Where abortion is most concentrated, you are most needed…

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Do you have connections in Mexico? You can send them Gospel of Life Spanish resources and introduce us to them or encourage them to reach out to Mark Nicholson at mnicholson@passionlife.org.

Who knows? You may open a door for advancing a new work in one of the neediest places on earth!



Your gift to PassionLife will advance the work in Mexico, where PassionLife continues to partner with local Christians to spur them on to rescue the innocent by helping mothers in crisis.

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