World Ranking: #1

Cuba suffers the highest abortion rate in the world.

(Among countries with 10 million+ people.)

The Scale of the Crisis

Abortion Average

In Cuba,


of all known pregnancies ended in abortion.

(Excluding fetal deaths and miscarriage.)

This means that approximately 4 out of every 10 babies conceived are aborted.

Abortion Ratio

For every 1000 babies born in Cuba, another


were aborted.

This means that for every 10 babies born, approximately 7 more are aborted.

Highest Global Abortion Rates*

The abortion rate is the number of women out of every 1000, age 15-39, that had an abortion in a single year.

Abortion Data Source

Worldwide, official abortion statistics are under-reported and incomplete. In some cases, like Guatemala, no data is available. In India, (by most estimates, second only to China in abortion numbers) official data is too incomplete to use.

Our data source is the Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) [Informe Mundial del Aborto (IMA)] (Jacobson and Johnston, 2018). They provide reported and estimated abortions by year for 110 countries and other areas through 2015. You can find updates to this data here.


The Work

PassionLife teams travel to Cuba about 5 times a year. To date, over 600 pastors have been prepared to teach the Gospel of Life to their people and lead them to answer God’s call to rescue the innocent.

Simplified, reproducible resources on biblical bioethics, prolife apologetics and crisis pregnancy intervention are translated and circulating freely in Spanish.

The Impact

“Soplo de Vida” (Breath of Life), a pregnancy crisis intervention ministry, sprung up soon after PassionLife’s first training on the island. Burdened and prompted by the Holy Spirit, a doctor and 4 sisters in the church organized Soplo de Vida to reach the many women they saw in the grip of a pregnancy-related crisis.

Soplo de Vida is a Cuban-led, Cuban-funded ministry that not only rescues mothers and babies from abortion, but provides parenting education, Bible study classes for expectant mothers, and after-abortion trauma recovery retreats centered on the gospel. They are striving to reproduce the model, traveling island-wide to help other churches answer the call.  

The Challenge

The Cuban people suffer from excruciating poverty and oppressive limits on their freedom. Abortion appears to many as the “only way.”

The Church is vibrant and responsive. However, as we’ve seen in other countries, pastors training pastors among various church networks is usually the catalyst for the Church rising up to rescue the innocent. That key pastoral leadership team has not yet emerged in Cuba.  

Where abortion is most concentrated, you are most needed…

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