Watch this stronghold tumble

I really want to invite you to watch a stronghold around child killing abortion and infanticide begin to fall over this next year or two years. I’m very excited about what’s happening in Cuba. Generally speaking, it’s a good thing to be number one at something or to be the top, but when it comes to abortion, it’s a powerful shame and embarrassment upon any nation that is rated number one in terms of abortion.

And that brings me to Cuba. We were just in Cuba, and we’re actually going back to Cuba this week to deliver some medical supplies. But this first picture here is sort of iconic, except that this is a real picture, and it is true that the cars in Cuba are fun to see, especially from a distance. When you drive in them, it’s not so great. But I just want to you to see right now that Cuba is one of the places that where God is especially at work and using the PassionLife community to stir things up in Cuba to a good end.

By way of background, just to remind everyone our work is committed to trying to live out this call of scripture as it’s found in Psalm 82:4.: “Rescue the weak and the needy and deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” And we want to see what that looks like in the neediest places around the world.

Which does raise the question, where are the neediest places around the world? There are really three places in the world where abortion, infanticide, and what we call gendercide is especially concentrated. And these become the mission field that we want to target at PassionLife as a top priority.

That begins in Asia. It extends over into Eastern Europe. And the third area where abortion is especially concentrated is in Cuba and in the Caribbean, but particularly Cuba. We have gathered some data from a number of resources, and among all the nations in the world that have at least 10 million people in them, because there are some nations that have less than 10 million, but we had to make some arbitrary decisions here.

But among all the nations in the world that have 10 million people or more, we made a list of the top 15. At the top of the list is Cuba. It has an abortion rate of 52.36. This is why some years ago we began to concentrate our effort on this small island nation. It is number one, but it also has the advantage of having a group of believers in that country.

They are courageous and compassionate believers, people who have suffered much but are eager to see God’s favor and blessing on their life. And it also has the blessing of being relatively small so that you can really use it as a laboratory for what we’re trying to do around the world. So some years ago, we began to teach pastors and leaders in numbers of churches as we do around the country and around the world.

We have taught about 600 leaders at one event. Out of that, a group of people came forward. In other words, the pastors teach the people and the people say, we want to answer the call to rescue the innocent and deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

And so there’s a team that emerged about six or seven years ago, a group of five women who said we’re going to go and end abortion in our town, one woman at a time. It was very exciting. We were able then to give them an ultrasound. And now I think we’ve actually placed about four ultrasound units in Cuba and we’re about to bring a fifth ultrasound to Cuba this very week.

They are helping this mother see and connect with her baby. And it’s very common for the believers in this town to follow these mothers throughout their pregnancy, helping them with encouragement, with scripture, with practical things like baby clothes, diapers and formula, and medicines when we can get them over there and that kind of thing. What we’re seeing in Cuba is really remarkable, because as these examples begin to spread, more and more Christians get interested in the mission.

They’re helping these mothers understand their babies through human development and science. They’re providing them practical support, and they are there when the babies are born. They are there when they’re pregnant, to take pictures when they get baptized and join a church and see their whole lives transformed. It’s common for us to say that when you help a mother save her baby, you watch how God works to use the baby to save the mother. It’s a beautiful thing when that circle is completed.

In our most recent trip, we had the opportunity to hear from a bunch of people that were just starting their pregnancy center now in the city of Santiago. A man has given a testimony about how he performed many, many, many abortions over the years as a doctor. But now, as a result of the Four Questions training that we’ve done for a number of years in Cuba, he has come to know God in and His will and has stepped forward to work with a team of volunteers to open the first Pregnancy Help Rescue Center in in the city of Santiago.

This is actually the doctor that we’re going to visit this week and bring him an ultrasound machine to start using in his new center. What we did also is we brought some people from every province of the island together to meet one another and to talk about strategies and to begin to organize how they can create pregnancy help centers all across the island. It became very, very clear that these people were uniting together around a strategy to teach leaders what the Bible says about human life. And about the shedding of innocent blood, about bringing the gospel forward so that people are forgiven and set free, and then jump into the battle to rescue mothers and babies from abortion. It really is God’s grace to give unity and organizational vision to the people.

So they’re organizing now and they’re back in their different provinces. And This is another one of the pictures that we came home with of a young, uh, mother with, with her baby. And It just reminded me of a Psalm, Uh, that I read many, many years ago and thought of all these children that are being rescued through the prolife effort.

Psalm 119:77: “Let your mercy come to me that I may live.” If, if unborn children could speak, I think this is the verse that they would, this, this is what they would say. This would be their prayer. Lord, let your mercy come to me that I may live. And when the Lord sends his people out to rescue those, innocents and to deliver them from the hand of the wicked, their prayers are being answered.

So in the coming years, here’s my prediction. Cuba, which is number one, it’s is about to fall from the top a slot to number two, and then it’s going to keep falling to number three to four to five to six. And my prediction is that if you follow and track what we’re doing with Passion Life in Cuba, you’re going to see the number. (connect to next sentence)

You’re going to see them fall from number one, down. on down that list. And we’re going to be paying particular attention to the worldwide abortion data to look for that evidence and track it. Because right now what we’re seeing is that the church is massively organizing at a level we’ve never seen before.

And aAs they start to rescue these mothers and babies, it’s going to the each one of these mothers and babies starts to will have an impact on another 10, 20, 30 people in their social circle. And you start putting all those people together and across the island and you’re seeing the movement of God unfold on our very watch.

So my challenge to you is to watch this stronghold fall in the coming years. And I encourage you to join in the effort by prayer, by sending a gift of support as we work in Cuba, for ultrasounds, for fetal models, for medicines, and some of the other practical things that we can do in Cuba to encourage the believers there to stand up for life.

And to answer this prayer from the, uh, unborn child: Let your mercy come to me that I may live. Thank you very much.