Connections in Nepal

I am sitting at home today doing this final post before I leave early tomorrow morning. I will be in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am leaving tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. from Raleigh, which means I’m going to be at the airport very, very early. I actually fly to another country before I go to Nepal and stay there a couple of days, but when you are seeing this, I will be in Kathmandu. This will be my first trip to Nepal, and it is an exciting opportunity for us because we know through research and through firsthand accounts from people in Nepal that the abortion rate there is very high.

You’ve got India right across the border and there is an excessive amount of both abortion and gendercide in India, choosing the extinction of baby girls in cultural preference of baby boys. Nepal is well known to not hide their abortion practices. My daughter was there a few months ago and she sent me all kinds of pictures of billboards from on the sides of buildings and everything, advertising abortion as easy, cheap, discreet, and very accessible.

We’re going to Nepal and doing what it is that we do everywhere we go. We are going to be working with Christian leaders, pastors, missionaries and Christian doctors and we’re going to be teaching the theology of life. The reason I’m actually sharing this with you today is because one of the great things that our friends and our supporters of Passion Life can do for us is to help connect. We are always looking for new connections in new countries.

Very often I will plan a trip and find that there are supporters of Passion Life and follow what we’re doing. They will say, “Hey, I happen to know someone who has lived there for a long time and is really well connected with the Christian community in the part of Nepal that you’re going to.” If you know people in the Kathmandu area, please send me an email. Let me know. We will reach out to them while we’re there. We will invite them to this training. The pastor that I’m going with from India has a good number of contacts in Kathmandu and has scheduled two theological trainings for us to do in two separate areas of Kathmandu on two separate days this week. Please send me an email and I will be happy to reach out to the people that you put me in contact with.

It’s one of the beautiful things that we can do in partnership with our supporters and our donors and people who are passionate about what we’re doing. The purpose of this is to build networks of relationships so that we are sharing contacts with one another. In that way, we are making the most of our time when we’re in a place like Kathmandu. Once again, if you know anybody in Kathmandu and if you know anybody in the Agra area of India please connect us.
Pray for us when we’re out on the road. We have been to Brazil, Romania, Columbia, and now we’ll be doing Nepal and India this week. The Passion Life teams have been sent out to these various places all within the past 10 days or so. We appreciate your prayers as always. We appreciate your connections as always. We look forward to reporting to you all the things that God does when we get back.