The Triplets Challenge
We at PassionLife have received a most unusual, extraordinary challenge. I’m going to call it the triplets challenge. This is one of my favorite triplet stories that grew out of China some years ago in which this young couple was told they were having a baby. They had already had a child . So they were about to violate the law at that time, which only allowed for one child per married couple. But they had received the Four Questions training from PassionLife through their own pastor and were in turmoil about what to do. Their pastor and their church decided to help them have their baby.

Well, they went to the doctor and found out they were having three babies. The one somehow transformed into three and they were in a great panic. But the situation became a great rally point for the church to come alongside this young couple and help them have their babies. They were all beautiful boys, very healthy, handsome young boys, quite stunning. The parents and everyone involved in the situation were so thrilled.

Imagine the challenge of triplets. That is a situation in which you need to have a lot of help. Christians came forward and they made meals and helped with the laundry and the schedules and all that is part of having triplets. I was back in China and had lunch with this couple about a year ago. This is when the boys now were somewhere around two or three years old.The family had made it through the crisis and one of the parents of the young couple came to know the Lord, and It was a very good story.

The story spread among many, many churches in China as a challenge that no matter how challenging one’s circumstances are, God has a plan. He had a plan for those babies that was life giving. The church rallied around that couple as good Samaritans and helped them meet the challenges and rise to the occasion.

We have moved from working in places like China to Vietnam, to Cuba, to Colombia, to India, to Kazakhstan, to Romania, and many, many other places. We’ve received our own triplets challenge. We have a donor that’s come forward and wants to offer us two dollars for every one dollar we’re able to raise. That’s called a two to one matching grant. You give one dollar, it turns into three dollars. It’s triplets!

Here’s the hook and what makes this a particularly challenging challenge. This grant is for first time donors to PassionLife. Well, everybody that I know in my life knows about PassionLife. Anybody who knows me is either already giving or is just going in a different direction with their charity.

I need your help. I need you to share bits and pieces of this on your social media and extend the triplets challenge to your circle of friends and let people know that you support PassionLife. Share that you want to help rescue babies in the neediest places, whether it’s one, two, or three babies at a time. Share that if they will join you, every dollar they give is turned into three dollars.

A gift of a hundred dollars becomes a three hundred dollar gift total to PassionLife so that we can expand our work in the neediest places in the world. I hope that you’ll take up this challenge with me. Help us to make the most of this triplets challenge. Just take a few minutes to spread this message and share our website with a few friends and say over the next two months we have a chance for every new person who gives one dollar to be converted into three dollars.

We’ll see how we do. Thank you so much for your help.