The arrival of the Littlest Missionary

As we step into the advent season, the team at PassionLife is thrilled to introduce one of our latest endeavors—the Passion Life Tiny Baby. This unique project is designed to bring awareness and understanding of human life, particularly during its earliest stages, and serve as a powerful tool in educating communities worldwide.

In regions where rates of abortion, infanticide, and gendercide are alarmingly high, PassionLife is actively engaged in training pastoral, ministry, and community leaders. Our focus is on imparting the biblical perspective on the sanctity of human life, emphasizing its intrinsic value and God’s perspective on innocent bloodshed. We aim to extend the grace of the gospel to those facing the challenge of abortion while rallying Christians to rescue the most vulnerable members of society.

As part of our comprehensive approach to education, we acknowledge the importance of addressing both biblical and scientific aspects of human life. PassionLife conducts classes on biblical bioethics, emphasizing the agreement between medical science and the Bible that human life begins at conception—a fact supported by overwhelming scientific evidence.

Scientifically, the moment when the oocyte and gamete combine marks the commencement of a new, individual, living, growing, and distinct human life. It’s a truth grounded in both faith and science, enabling us to communicate effectively with those who may not resonate with biblical perspectives but value scientific evidence.

To aid in teaching the science of human development and embryology, PassionLife has meticulously crafted the Tiny Baby Model. This fetal model, representing a growing fetus during the ninth week of pregnancy, is chosen strategically as it aligns with the critical period when many women seek abortions.

The Tiny Baby Model is a testament to exquisite design, featuring intricate details such as toes, fingers, eyelids, and earlobes. Encased in beautiful packaging, these models serve as tangible, shareable tools. Many will receive them during Christmas, as we leverage the season’s theme—a child is born—to announce the arrival of a new missionary: the Tiny Baby.

Drawing inspiration from the scripture in Isaiah that proclaims, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light,” we use the Tiny Baby to illuminate the mysteries of fetal development. By exposing the reality hidden in the womb to the light of day, we aim to dispel misconceptions and uncertainties surrounding the nature of human life in its early stages.

As part of this Christmas season’s initiative, we encourage you to visit the tinybaby.org website, a dedicated platform providing in-depth information about the Tiny Baby, its significance, and the fetal development process during the ninth week of pregnancy. Learn how you can actively participate in PassionLife’s mission and play a role in advocating for the value of every small life.

Stay connected with us at passionlife.org for updates on how to order your own Tiny Baby or share them with others in various settings, contributing to the promotion of life in your community, workplace, school, church, or pregnancy center. Wishing you a Merry Christmas as we embark on this journey together to celebrate and protect the precious gift of life.