No country has aborted more children than China

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 China has got to be the most unique place I have ever lived or visited. We’ve been in China these last couple of weeks. You’ve been praying for us and now in a matter of hours we’ll be on our way home. Can’t wait to share some of the stories of what God has been doing over this time. China really is a unique place, unique people.

Beautiful, wonderful. Places and people, warm people, um, friendly people I sure have loved, uh, my interactions in China over the last several years, and I know that John has as well. I tell you. The China being for, for so many years, it was number one in the world for population, I think right around now.

If I’m not mistaken, like sometime this year or next year, India is supposed to be surpassing China as the most pop populous nation, populous nation on earth. Um, but the the old one child policy of China, which is not in effect anymore, but the old one child policy. That was, that was in effect for an entire generation, will have reverberating repercussions throughout the next several generations of China’s history.

It has obviously resulted in a lot of abortion and the fact that the one child policy was relaxed first to a two child policy and then officially to a three child policy and now has gone to a non enforced. Have as many children as you want. In fact, we are providing as the Chinese government incentives for you to have more babies, payments and incentives to have more children and more babies to correct the imbalance that was created by the one child policy.

That still does not mean that abortion has been sig disappeared or even significantly diminished in China because the propaganda, the idea of a one child policy for all that time being drilled into the, the subconscious of the Chinese people resulted in a desire to have small. Or small families, or no children at all, and that persists in China.

We continue to see that people who have no desire to have babies, and if they do, they think that they cannot afford to have any more than one, or they can’t be a good parent to anymore than one. Uh, There are in most places, in, in, and it’s, the laws are enforced in different ways in different parts of China, but in most places it continues to be illegal to be a single parent in China, which means that if you are not, if you don’t meet the qualifications of marriage in certain age and a certain kind of status, you may or may not be permitted.

To give birth to a child if you become pregnant. So still means that there is a lot of abortion in China. Uh, it may not be the, you know, second or third highest abortion rate in the world anymore. It may have gone down a little bit, but it’s still out of a hundred ninety seven, a hundred ninety eight countries.

It’s still right up in the top few in the world for abortion. So lots of work to do for China. Lots of prayer, uh, to go on, uh, on our behalf and your behalf for China. We can’t wait to come back and start telling you some of the stories that we’ve collected. Um, stories of what God is doing, can’t wait to share with you some of the disappointments that we’ve experienced.

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