Is abortion child sacrifice?
In recent recordings we’ve been talking about the value of children specifically and how God sees children in the family. In the last three weeks in particular we have focused on child sacrifice, that ancient abomination of laying a child on the altar of sacrifice in the worship of some god or religion.

In most cases it is a false god. It is a false religion since our God did not command us to worship Him by sacrificing children on the altar to Him. So today we really come to the linch-pin, the turning point question of why have we been talking about child sacrifice these past several weeks. Other than to come to the supreme question of, is abortion the same thing, really, as child sacrifice?

Can abortion and child sacrifice be directly correlated? And the answer is yes. Both involve parents intentionally laying a child on the sacrificial altar. Both involve cutting or burning with saline solutions or chemicals, rather than by fire, in modern day abortion or child sacrifice. Both involve being willing to allow the child to suffer in order to attain something.

What essentially do we worship? We worship our college degree. So we lay the child on the altar of sacrifice so that we can attain a college degree and put our life on the track toward career success. We worship our money. You say, I didn’t kill this child because I worshiped something else. I killed this child because I just didn’t have enough money to feed it.

So the question is: Could you have, could we have trusted God to provide in our hour of need when we don’t have what looks like to us enough to provide? And because we worship security and because we worship having enough money to be able to provide the things that we want to do, because we worship that mentality, the child is laid on the sacrificial altar and dies because of our worship of that lifestyle.

We worship our reputation. We want everyone to think that we’re a good person who doesn’t do anything immoral. And if anybody finds out that I have been fooling around in my private life, that’s going to be a face-losing, shaming thing. So the child is put on the altar of sacrifice and his or her life is offered in exchange for a good reputation, a clean reputation, which is actually just a hidden clean reputation. That’s not even true.

The point being, abortion is always child sacrifice. The child dies because of something that we value or prize very highly. And what is so sad is to realize that we commit this atrocity with a child that is always more valuable than the thing that we think we are sacrificing it in worship of.
The career, the money, the reputation, the college degree, these things pale in comparison to the value of an innocent human life.

Abortion intentionally takes an innocent human life, meeting our definition of murder and child sacrifice. The good news is the gospel reaches even into these dark places of our past. It reaches into these dark places, even in my past, where I allowed a past girlfriend to be able to seek out an abortion without any resistance from me. I realize now that this is something I carried guilt and shame over for many years, until I found out exactly how the gospel applies to that painful area of my life.

If you find yourself in this situation, keep watching these videos because you’re going to find out exactly how the grace of the gospel comes to bear specifically on the guilt and the shame of abortion.