In the Crosshairs

Passion Life works in the areas of the world where abortion rates as well as infanticide and gendercide rates are the very highest. I spent a portion of this week planning a trip to Ecuador in South America. Ecuador is hostile toward abortion. Abortion is illegal in Ecuador. What in the world is Passion Life doing considering planning a trip for Ecuador in 2024? And I’m going to take you to Ecuador where birth rates remain high.

If you’ll notice, the countries that have the yellow on down toward the darker red colors are the areas where birth rates remain high. Most of those are in Africa, as you can easily see, and in Latin America. This means that people in those areas, a high regard for family, they are still having lots of babies making families that are big because they want to have more babies, and we consider this a good thing.

What this does is it places these regions of the world in the crosshairs of globalist organizations like Planned Parenthood, the UN and other organizations that operate throughout the world to put pressure on these very countries to catch up with the rest of the world and get their reproductive health numbers corrected. That just means more abortion or more access to abortion for more people in those areas. They promote abortion as good and that smaller families are good as opposed to larger families because of poverty, education and different things.

Let me ask you a question. Is that not the essence of neocolonialism? Is that not western superpower countries coming into other areas and cultures and saying, “We and our sophisticated ideologies have progressed to the understanding that large families are not good. So even though you value large families, we know better than you do for your culture and we are going to impose abortion. We’re going to strong-arm your government and your culture into accepting more abortion and smaller families. Because we know better. We know better what’s good for you.” That’s neocolonialism. That is the imposition of one culture.

When I say strong arming I mean there are financial pressures. There are political pressures. There are intimidation efforts going on. There is humanitarian aid being withheld from some of these countries until the abortion rates go up in those areas. Passion Life is partnering with places like many of the countries in Central and East Africa.

We did a trip in December to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to help leaders there hold the ground that they have to help their church leaders and prepare their people to stand against the coming onslaught of these globalist organizations that want to change their cultures. We have been spending time in Columbia, South America where the battle was recently fought and they voted as a progressive country. A new progressive government was being installed. They voted for more access to abortion. Ecuador continues to have conservative policies toward abortion because of their love for family.

Our goal is to get into Ecuador to be able to work with churches and pastoral leaders who will be able to train their people to resist the pressure to cave into a financial and political pressure to have their abortion laws changed to these Western policies imposed upon them despite their cultural values. Please pray for Ecuador and pray for the leaders there as we develop a team.

People are always asking about how they can help Passion Life in these areas. Here’s one way that you can help us today: If you know people in Ecuador (pastors, clergy, ministry leaders, foreign missionaries, Christian doctors, community health workers, community developers) who might be interested in helping Passion Life come down and organize trainings of people to be able to stand against the pressures to change abortion laws in Ecuador, we would love to have an email from you or a text message from you. Email me at mnicholson@passionlife.org. We would love to connect with you and your network of relationships within Ecuador. Thank you.