Connect with your local Pregnancy help center

People often ask me, “What does PassionLife do in the United States?” We are a missions organization. We work all around the world. We work with churches in some far reaching places, but what do we do in the United States? Well, there is a two part answer to that question. The first part of the answer is because it’s not the focus of our mission.

We do not do a lot of events, workshops, or teaching type of events in the United States. However, our donor base, the people that pray for us and give to us and send to us, are mostly located here in the United States. There is not one group of people that we feel more connected to and more indebted to and more committed to than any other in all of the United States than the pregnancy movement.

These pregnancy health clinics that exist in many communities across the United States, are people that we work with on a consistent basis. These are people that we pray for. These are people that we admire. So often we find ourselves working directly with pregnancy health clinics in the United States, we make ourselves available to teach anything that we can do to serve the pregnancy health movement within the United States. We go around the world telling stories from the pregnancy health movement within the United States, collecting statistics that actually encourage other countries to follow suit.

We have recently developed a baby model. This was really designed to be a new medical teaching tool for embryology (fetal development) that shows how the baby develops within the womb. This baby model is sized appropriately for a ninth week gestational period for a human baby developing within the womb. We make those models available to pregnancy help centers.

I have recently been devoting some time to teaching with my local pregnancy help center. I was invited to come in and teach on the sanctity of human life with some pastors and leaders within the community just on the theological implications of life. This was so that they may go out and be better equipped to teach that theology to their own people, or at least to use that theology to inform their pro-life efforts in their church a little more.

A new development for me is when my local pregnancy help center recently came to me and asked me to put together a group of people from our community to go on a mission trip together. Now I think this is a great idea. And the fact that the idea comes directly from my local pregnancy help center is an opportunity to invite people from churches within our community who support our pregnancy help center to have an option to go on a pro-life mission trip with PassionLife and see the place of pro-life work within the global missions movement and how specifically the local pregnancy help center is really just one part of a global movement of God doing things all over the world, just like he is doing in, within the United States. Its context looks a little different in each place. It is not always exactly the same as it is in the United States. These things don’t always happen within a building. It may take place on a park bench.

The counseling that happens in China often takes place within a building. Communists owned and state run hospitals have asked us to come in and help counsel some of the people who come in with an abortion in mind. I think this is a wonderful and beautiful idea from our local

pregnancy help center to ask people in the community to go out into the world with Passion Life to see how God is using pregnancy help centers and the movement of God in pregnancy helps to impact societies and cultures evangelistically.

That is what we are going to do. Hopefully, we will be taking a group to Ecuador this next May. If you are a pregnancy help center leader, you might take that as something to think about. Take it as an idea to kind of toss around maybe with your board or your staff to see if they would like to join Passion Life on a trip like this. Passion Life will actually design a specific trip for our people, the people in our community, to go out and see what Passion Life is doing.

One last way that we often see pregnancy help centers working together with Passion Life is through monetary means. Along with supporting the work of pregnancy help centers around the world, we financially support and tithe a portion of our budget to pregnancy help centers in developing countries as well. Africa is a big place where we invest a lot of funding into the pregnancy help movement.

We have a lot of pregnancy help centers here in the United States who tied the portion of their budget to the work of Passion Life. What this does is it honors the original intention of the gift from the givers in the United States who are giving to their local pregnancy help centers to rescue babies. It is a way for local pregnancy help centers to get involved in world missions movement in a way that rescues babies, helps moms and families, and furthers the global mission of pro-life work. That is another way that we have been highly involved with pregnancy help centers in the United States is through this give and take between pregnancy help centers abroad and in the United States.

If you are just watching this and you are not involved with your local pregnancy help center, we encourage you to get involved with your local pregnancy help center. They are the local heroes in your community for pregnancy help work. These are people who are in the trenches, giving their time, giving their efforts, sometimes with encouraging results, sometimes they have very discouraging days. They need your help. They need you to get involved. So we are very pro PHC or Pregnancy Health Center Movement here at Passion Life within the United States. It is our main connection to pro-life work inside the United States.