Abortion is not in the Bible!

The Bible doesn’t even mention abortion. How many times have I heard people say the Bible doesn’t mention abortion? Therefore, we can assume that God doesn’t feel very strongly about it. And that we are free to make our own decisions and determinations about how we feel about abortion. This is obviously not true. It’s an argument from silence that doesn’t hold logically. The Bible does not mention racism by name, but anyone who spends time with the scriptures, understanding, seeking to understand what God is saying to us, understands both how God feels about racism and about how God wants his people to act as far as racism is concerned.

The Bible does not mention algebra, but we know that it exists. The Bible also does not mention genocide by name, but we know how God feels about genocide. So how do we come to understand what it is that God wants us to know as Christians, as believers, as followers of Christ on the topic of abortion? Well, we know this. God is the Author of life. God gives life. God created life. God loves life. God is life himself. And we understand that life is precious to God. We also understand that human beings, different from all other parts of God’s creation, were made specifically in God’s image. This makes human beings intrinsically valuable. It makes human beings exceptionally valuable, different from plants and animals. It makes human beings eternally valuable. And it means that human beings are equal in value to one another, meaning that men are not more valuable than women, and women are not more valuable than men. People from one country are not more valuable than people from another country. All are equally valuable to God.

We see that God values life. We see that human life begins at conception in various places throughout the Bible, which puts the Bible in perfect agreement with medical science, embryology, and fetal development. We come to understand how God feels about the intentional taking of human life. He doesn’t like it. It incurs his righteous wrath and anger when people intentionally murder human beings who are made in the image of God. It’s like an assault on God himself. We understand that God will punish and will visit retribution on those who intentionally murder.

Now, we also understand that God is a merciful and loving God and that there is no sin beyond his grasp other than to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and to intentionally reject Jesus Christ as his only provision of a way of a means of salvation. But God is merciful, He is loving, He is forgiving and there is a way to come back into peace with God, even for those who are guilty of the shedding of innocent blood. We also understand that God wants us to intervene in order to rescue the innocent. He wants us to stand in the gap for the voiceless and for those who can’t defend themselves.

If the unborn baby in the womb is not poor and needy, who is? So God desires for his people to love life, value life, see all human beings as made in the image of God, understand that they came to be valuable from the moment they were created and that it’s wrong to intentionally take human life. Those who follow God are expected to be rescuers.

Where is the question then about how God feels about abortion? It’s quite clear. This is a basic summary of the four questions training that Passion Life travels the globe to share with other people. It’s an encouraging message of reconciliation. It’s a gospel based Jesus saturated, Bible influenced teaching. It’s not ours in that it’s just our opinion. It’s not just something that we think. We want other Christians to know we get these principles or these ideas from the Word of God itself. We encourage you to go to the four questions, go to the passionlife.org website and download the four questions document.

This is what the Bible says about human life, the shedding of innocent blood, the ability of the gospel to cover the guilt and the grief, even of abortion and what God calls us to do to rescue the innocent. That document will help you stand with courage and conviction in your neighborhood, in your workplace, in your church, and in your family. The next time you are presented with an abortion minded person or someone who is in a pregnancy related crisis, we have to be able to be ready to speak when the moment comes, strike when the iron is hot, open our mouth rather than stay silent. Go to the passionlife.org website and download those materials for free. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have.