A life-saving app right on your phone

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It’s been 18 years since one of the most remarkable DVDs ever produced came out. It was called The Biology of Prenatal Development and it was endorsed by the National Geographic Magazine, which obviously makes it very serious. What’s so amazing about this video is that it actually shows the unborn child, not in an animation form, but through the use of photography, endoscopy I believe it’s called. It’s a very technical process of obtaining these real pictures of the unborn human being.

We use this video all over the world today. We are now active in about 32 different countries. And the one thing that we try to do in every place that we go is to answer the most fundamental moral questions surrounding abortion. What is the unborn? Is it human? And of course we want to use the Bible to answer that question, but we also want to use science to answer that question. And this is a pure science video. Now this is about 40 to 50 minutes long, which is way too long for us to show in most of our settings. We were very pleased to see that later on, there was a six minute version of this video created, which is now available in about 23 different languages.

Today, I really want to encourage you to take an action step, and that is to download to your phone, tablet or laptop the apps that have been created based on this video. I have them on my iPad. One I use is called the Little One Pregnancy Guide. It is amazing. You can set it to any week of fetal development and it automatically shows you human development.

I’ve heard stories from all over the world where people have used these apps to sit in a coffee shop or McDonald’s or something and show somebody what their unborn baby looks like. Of course we’d go to great lengths to help people be ready to make the case for life. And one way of doing so is by showing the science of human development. We’ve created this little tiny baby. We call it the littlest missionary because it looks like a real child would appear at nine weeks after fertilization. We’ve also used a lot of ultrasounds and we distribute handheld ultrasounds in different places.

Today I just want to encourage you that whether you have a phone or a tablet, you can download an app that makes you ready to share the truth about unborn babies at any moment with any person just by opening up your phone. They go by different names depending on whether you’re using Android or iPhone or whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad, and it can get complicated. But if you go to the website ehd.org (Endowment for Human Development) then you will find these various options available for you.

I will also testify to you that when we show what the unborn baby actually looks like in the womb all over the world, they respond the same way that King David did many centuries ago when he began to contemplate how God created him in the womb. He just broke out in worship. What we see all over the world is people just break out in smiles and in wonder. They want to nudge the person that they’re sitting next to to say, “Look at that amazing piece of video.”

In China we had a very large crowd of people at this training that we did. In fact, as the people listened, they kept making phone calls to more people. So as the day went on, more and more people showed up. We had people sitting outside the door looking in through the windows and in the door, trying to get a glimpse and to hear what’s going on as we talked about the unborn babies.

We also have images of us with mothers, grandmothers, and even great grandmothers who were circled up around me and they were all just talking about the human development video. These are all people who had babies, but they never understood the beauty and the wonder of our life before birth and they were excited about it. It changed everything. You should know that we’re trying to use the Bible and science all over the world to try to make the case for how we should rescue mothers and babies and help them choose life for their babies. It’s an exciting thing. Often the highlight of our day is just the wonder of God on people’s faces as they look at what only David could contemplate and wonder in Psalm 139. God bless.