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John Ensor John Ensor is a glad co-laborer in the rapidly expanding pregnancy help movement. He is the  President of PassionLife, an ordained evangelical pastor and the author of several books, including Innocent Blood: Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life. He and his wife, Kristen, have been married 38 years. They have three grown children and live in Roswell, GA.

For over 25 years now, John has served the pregnancy help movement as a leader, speaker, writer, trainer, and co-laborer.

Starting in 1991, John led the Boston-area Christian community to establish A Woman’s Concern, a network of six ultrasound-equipped pregnancy help centers. In 2006, he joined Heartbeat International as Executive Director for Urban Initiatives and piloted Heartbeat of Miami, a minority-led, ultrasound-equipped, pregnancy help ministry that is now living out the gospel of life amidst 30 abortion business. Today, through PassionLife, he is working to transform pregnancy help ministry into a true global missions movement.


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John Ensor Speaking Information

Pregnancy Help Center Banquets: John is an inspiring advocate and effective fundraiser for our nations pregnancy help centers and maternity homes.

Conference or Special Event: John speaks on the things he is most passionate about:

  • The supremacy of the gospel.
  • The joy of manhood, womanhood and doing things right in matters of the heart.
  • The mission field created by abortion.

What others Say: Appreciation and endorsements from pregnancy help ministry leaders.

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What PHC Directors say… Appreciation and Endorsements

November, 2015

“Our Gala goal was $250,000 and 20% increase in monthly partnerships. We are so grateful for John and his willingness to be used by the Lord! The Gala brought in $306,481 so far, and it looks like over 20% of our goal for monthly partners!  Praise God!” – Jenny Shoup (and Tiffany Seifman, ED), Miami Valley Women’s Center, Dayton, OH

“Our banquet was a huge success. Many people expressed how much they enjoyed John’s message. Many said it was the best banquet ever!! It truly was a pleasure working with Kristen, leading up to the banquet and having John as our speaker.” – Sue Morley, Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine, Brunswick, ME

October, 2015

“Our guests really responded to your challenge. Receipts are 74% increase over last year. And more is still expected. Thank you, John, with our whole heart.” – Kimberly Logsdon, Care Net RPC, Newport News, VA

Even with significantly fewer guests, John’s presentation helped us raise the most funding we’ve ever raised at our banquet.John’s presentation had a lasting impact in the hearts of our supporters. We’re so glad he was our speaker this year.
” Chastidy Ronan, Alpha Pregnancy Center, San Francisco, CA

“Yay God!  And Yay John! Compared to last year’s totals, our one-time gifts given at the event was 68% higher than last year.  Our monthly pledges were up 54% over last year. It’s clear that the financial receipts this year will far exceed any previous event. Over the past 3 years, we’ve hovered in the $150-$160K range. This year, our total will exceed $200,000!” – Nanda Kirkpatrick, Care Net Pregnancy Center, Houston, TX


“John made the clearest connection between answering God’s call on an individual’s time, talent, and resources and the practical assistance provided at a pregnancy help center that we have ever heard articulated. The passion in John’s voice as he told of the work done at a pregnancy help center touched the hearts of our guests who responded by opening their wallets to fund our ministry to women and their families.” —Deborah Hays, Pregnancy Center of Doraville, GA

“John is an engaging speaker who intertwines his tremendous knowledge of scripture with his 23 years of experience in the pregnancy care center movement. His message is thought provoking and challenging, with some appropriate humor thrown in. His financial appeal is brilliant. We felt blessed to have him speak at our two banquets and at a pastor’s breakfast. He also took the time to learn about our ministry and offered valuable advice in running our centers. I highly recommend you consider John as your next banquet speaker.” —Jill Althizer, Helping Hands Pregnancy and Parenting Centers of Oakhurst and Mariposa, CA

“John gave an exceptional presentation that stirred the hearts of our guests in a way that I have never experienced. In all my years of involvement in this industry I don’t think I have ever heard a more inspiring message regarding our work. Our guests were not only moved to give of their finances, but many have expressed a desire to connect as volunteers. —Karen Snuffer, Care Net PRC, Manassas, VA

“It was an incredible night! John shared straight from the heart and I believe many people were blessed. Preliminary numbers from our event indicate that this is one of our better events in a long time.” —Linda Trask, Care Net Pregnancy Center of the Lakes Region, Laconia, NH

“John did a magnificent job engaging our people in the message of LIFE and our responsibility as God’s people to care for LIFE. Several of our guests who have been to multiple banquets have told me that John was their favorite speaker. He was clear, to the point and engaging. I especially liked the fact that he spoke at our pastors’ breakfast the next morning! He did a wonderful job with both events!”” —Sharon Kelley, LifeLine Pregnancy Help Center, Elkin, NC

 Prior years:

“It was an absolute delight and honor to have John speak…I was especially pleased with the appeal…Because he was directly involved with the day-to-day operations of several centers, there was a real credibility in his request for support. Although our attendance was down 50% from last year, our total donations increased by 9%! -Vivian Koob, Elizabeth’s New Life Center, Dayton, OH

“We’ve held fund raising banquets since 1990 using a variety of speakers, some quite famous. But John Ensor ranks at the top of the list in accomplishing what we want at our banquet. He’s knowledgeable, has an excellent delivery style, and makes a professional appeal.” -Yvonne Miller, Pregnancy Center, Rome, GA


FAQs and booking requests

What costs are involved? Fundraising Banquet Costs are $3,000 plus travel and stay-related expenses.

Would John be willing to do a pastors breakfast or similar event while in town? Yes, if his schedule allows it.

Are there additional costs for this? No.

Would John be willing to consult with our director or board while in town. Yes, time permitting.

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