Asia Initiative

Christianity has experienced exceptional growth in many parts of Asia over the last 40 years. Yet these places are also the very strongholds of abortion, infanticide and gendercide.  In response, PassionLife is currently concentrating their time and resources on Asia. This means providing sound resources and mentors in key areas:

The sanctity of human life and the call to defend the innocent.
The dignity of womanhood and motherhood and the need to provide them protection and help.

The soundness of sexual purity in dating and marriage.

The glory of adoption according to Scripture.

The injustice of abortion, infanticide and gendercide and the oppression it causes.

The preeminence of the gospel as the shedding of innocent blood for those stained by guilt and grief for shedding innocent blood.

The life-saving impact of pregnancy help centers around the world and how to start one.

Practical guidelines for helping mothers and couples in pregnancy crises.

PassionLife teams work with Christian leaders and foreign workers to help them in these areas.

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